Crafting and Peasant upgrading

Knights and Peasants
5 min readJan 13, 2023

Hey everyone!

One of the our most exciting releases in a long while is finally upon us: Crafting!

In addition to that, Peasants can be upgraded again using a new model that will be explained in this article.

Keep in mind that the crafting system that’s launching now is a foundation upon which we can build. As new items are released, we can release new recipes too.

Have a read to find out how it works!

Item Crafting

How do you craft?

If you want to craft an item, you will get to pick a recipe from a list of many recipes. Each recipe is profession specific ( Alchemist, Blacksmith, etc) and must be accompanied by a peasant matching that profession.

After picking the desired recipe, you will see its requirements. Some more difficult recipes require you to have a certain Badge level. If they do, you’ll find the requirement next to the recipe. If you meet them all you will be able to craft 1 or more items.

Crafting can never fail and you will always get the desired items from the recipe, but there are a few bonuses which spice things up.

For consumables, there is a base chance to multicraft. There is a 5% chance of crafting 2 items (instead of 1) and a 1% base chance to craft 3 items.

This chance is further improved based on the Talent, Rarity and Level of the peasant.

Peasant Talent:

  1. +0% for TRIPLE; +0% for DOUBLE
  2. +0.5% for TRIPLE; +1.5% for DOUBLE
  3. +1.75% for TRIPLE; +4.5% for DOUBLE
  4. +3.5% for TRIPLE; +10.5% for DOUBLE

Peasant Rarity:

  • Wood: +0% for TRIPLE; +0% for DOUBLE
  • Iron: +0.25% for TRIPLE; +0.75% for DOUBLE
  • Bronze: +0.5% for TRIPLE; +1.5% for DOUBLE
  • Gold: +1% for TRIPLE; +3% for DOUBLE
  • Platinum: +2% for TRIPLE; +6% for DOUBLE

Peasant Level

Novice: +0% for TRIPLE; +0% for DOUBLE
Amateur: +0.1% for TRIPLE; +0.3% for DOUBLE
Advanced: +0.2% for TRIPLE; +0.6% for DOUBLE
Competent: +0.4% for TRIPLE; +1.2% for DOUBLE
Expert: +0.75% for TRIPLE; +2.25% for DOUBLE
Grandmaster: +1% for TRIPLE; +3% for DOUBLE

From worst to best peasant, this means the interval for triple craft would be between 1% and 7.5% while the interval for the double craft would range between 5% and 25%.

Each peasant based will have a limited number of crafts ranging from 1 to 4, based on their Labour level. After the crafts have been depleted they will slowly restore at a rate of 1 every 6 hours.

P.S. Using an ‘Ale Jug’ item will replenish 1 available craft.

Peasant Labour:

  1. 1/1 crafts
  2. 2/2 crafts
  3. 3/3 crafts
  4. 4/4 crafts

Peasant Leveling

Peasants can be upgraded all the way from Novice to Grandmaster. There are 6 ranks in total: Novice, Amateur, Advanced, Competent, Expert, Grand Master.

Upgrading a Peasant is done using $KNP ( Polygon) or $KNIGHT ( Harmony) for the most part. For the final two ranks, you will require special Knowledge Books. These are currently only found on the Item Vendors and will soon be added to the Questing loot tables.

Below are the costs for each level.

  1. Amateur — 25 KNP
  2. Advanced — 50 KNP
  3. Competent —75 KNP
  4. Expert — Expert Knowledge Tome
  5. Grand Master — Grand Master Knowledge Tome

Equipment upgrading

The day has finally arrived where you can get rid of the 20 slingshots in your inventory. Time to take your gear to the next level. Literally!

Upgrading equipment requires 2 of the same equipment pieces with the same level to be smashed together by a talented Blacksmith until they become a brand new item.


To upgrade two Lv. 1 Slingshots into a Lv.2 Slingshot, you will need to pick a Blacksmith to fill the peasant slot and place the Lv.1 Slingshots into the equipment slots.

Before upgrading them, you will have to pay attention to the chance of success. The higher level you attempt to upgrade, the lesser the chance of success is. But don’t worry, if you don’t meet 100% chance you can use either whetstones, KNP Tokens or MATIC to boost the chance of success.

These are the success chances for their required levels:

  • Level 2 has an 60% base success chance
  • Level 3 has a 40% base success chance
  • Level 4 has a 20% base success chance
  • Level 5 has a 0% base success chance

As mentioned, picking a Blacksmith is required to perform the upgrade. The Blacksmith will also provide a bonus success chance based on its Talent, Rarity and Level. There is also a flat KNP fee for equipment combining:

Level 2–25 KNP / 100 KNIGHT
Level 3–50 KNP / 200 KNIGHT
Level 4–75 KNP / 300 KNIGHT
Level 5–100 KNP / 400 KNIGHT

Peasant Talent:

  1. +0%
  2. +2,5%
  3. +7,5%
  4. +15%

Peasant Rarity:

  • Wood: +0%
  • Iron: +2,5%
  • Bronze: +5%
  • Gold: +10%
  • Platinum: +15%

Peasant Level

Novice: +0%

Amateur: +0,5%

Advanced: +1%

Competent: +2%

Expert: +4%

Grand Master: +9,5%

If the upgrade fails, the whetstones, KNP or MATIC used in the upgrade process will be lost and the peasant will consume 1 available craft. The items used in upgrading will NOT be lost if the craft fails. You can simply try again later if you wish.

If the upgrade is successful, the peasant will still consume 1 available craft but you will obtain the higher leveled equipment piece!

That’s it!

With a big release like this, there may be small bugs or feedback you might have. There are a few big features being introduced and we’d love your input on how to improve them. If you have feedback or suggestions, please drop them in the Feedback channel on our Discord.

GOOD LUCK, HAVE FUN and share those wondrous crafts with the rest of the community!