Marketplace, yield farms and more!

Greetings Knights!

We are announcing the launch of our own marketplace today!

Last week we have announced our reasons for building our own marketplace in this article:

In this article we will walk you through its functionality. Also, we will outline the next steps for Knights & Peasants which are currently in development.

Let’s dive right into it!

Our marketplace can be accessed from our website or via this link:

This will take you here:

Our Knight NFT is currently the only NFT collection that is listed on the Marketplace. When we release Peasants, Items and other NFT’s used in our ecosystem, they will have a tile of their own here. On the top right corner you will find a diagnostics tab where you can see all the recent sales made on the marketplace and next to that is the control panel.

Clicking on ‘Open Market’ will let you see all the current listings for the Knights collection. They can be sorted by price or token ID ( sorting by rarity will be implemented soon) and you can filter them by any trait you like. Rarity percentages are shown in the filter tab also.

Buy a Knight

When you want to buy a Knight or get more info on the Knight, you may click the ‘Details’ tab. This will open up the following screen:

You can see all the Knight’s attributes and upgrades here and of course, by clicking on ‘Buy’, you can buy the Knight. All purchases on our Marketplace are made in our $KNIGHT token.

Sell a Knight

In the main Marketplace screen, click on ‘View my NFT’s’. This will take you to your collection of Knight NFT’s.

When you want to sell one of your Knights, click on ‘Details’. This will take you to the screen shown below. Here you can click ‘Sell’, enter the price you want to list your Knight for and that’s it!

Cancel sale

You can of course always cancel an NFT you have currently listed. Simply click on ‘My NFT’s’ and it will show you all the NFT’s you have listed. By clicking on Details, you can then cancel your listing there.

What’s next?

Having our own marketplace is a necessary step going forward, and is the logical next step in maturing our project and making sure that we have a rock solid foundation moving forward. Before we move into questing, there is one more brick we have to lay to solidify our foundation!

The following features are in heavy development. Although we are running tests and simulations, at this time we have not set anything in stone and it is subject to change.

Yield farms

To further stabilize our token and have more liquidity and new holders coming in, we have decided to set up our own yield farm on our platform.

We want our farm to run for roughly 1 year, and we are planning on donating 1,000,000 $KNIGHT tokens from our team wallets (split deposits if required at the time of release).

We have chosen to fund the farm ourselves as ultimately we want to give back to the community and we believe recycling tokens through the ecosystem helps maintain get the token in as many unique wallets as possible and will reduce sell pressure from our team.

The farm is a feature within Rensmira that allows holders of $KNIGHT to stake within the ecosystem. An outside requirement of this would be for the wallet to pair their $KNIGHT with $ONE in Defi Kingdoms. Once the LP token is received, the token can be staked in our farm. Stakers will be rewarded with daily emissions subject to a maximum daily amount with relation to the percentage of the pool owned by the user.

For example, if the farm has been designed to emit 1000 $KNIGHT tokens a day, and there are 3 stakers in the farm. The daily yield would look something like this:

User A submits: 100 $LP

User B submits: 50 $LP

User C submits: 50 $LP

The 1000 $KNIGHT daily emission rate would be split amongst the holders based on the above percentages:

User A: 50% of the pool, 500 $KNIGHT a day

User B: 25% of the pool, 250 $KNIGHT a day

User C: 25% of the pool, 250 $KNIGHT a day

Naturally, as more holders enter the pool, these numbers change and the personal yield will reduce as the pool becomes bigger.

While we think yield farms are an amazing addition to our ecosystem, there is even more to come!

Wage Farms

We have designed an additional selection of ‘farms’ that will work in a different manner to the LP farm described above, called ‘Jobs’ for now. The jobs will present a collection of farms available to any user that has LP tokens staked in the primary farm.

We aim to release several emissions farms, which are themed around each available Peasant within Rensmira. For example, if we have a Miner and a Farmer peasant, we might see the following two emission farms within the world:

  • Miner Farm
  • Crop Farm

Each job is effectively a farm that emits a daily amount of tokens to a user relative to a small sample of values. These values are:

  • Percentage of ‘The Farm’ owned by the holder
  • Percentage dedicated to the specific job
  • Staked Peasant NFT ( shortly after launch)

These job farms will not emit $KNIGHT tokens, however they will emit in-game currencies that will play a role within upcoming quests, as well as features surrounding the peasants collection. These tokens will be WAGE tokens.

A Blacksmith Peasant might be staked in a SMITH-WAGE farm

X-WAGE Tokens (ERC20)

We want to further reward our holders and LP farmers with the ability to earn a specific in-game currency, which holds strong relation to Peasants and Quests.

They will be slowly emitted into the world via the Job farms and will allow holders to spend them in Job relative stores. These stores will sell items that could play a role in upcoming quests, or be used as a summoning requirement for assets such as Squires.

The X within the X-WAGE token name would be replaced with the relevant job that earnt the token. For example, if the token is earnt in the Crop Farm, then the token would be called CROPS-WAGE or if the token was earned by a Miner Farm, it would be MINING-WAGE and so on. The tokenomics surrounding these tokens are yet to be decided.

Staking a Peasant

Shortly after the launch of the Wage farms we want to introduce Peasant staking.

Each Job farm allows a Peasant of the same theme to be staked within the farm for an ‘infinite’ amount of time. Staking a Peasant will further increase the daily yield of the token by a set amount and give the Peasant experience.

The option to stake a Peasant in its relevant Job Farm is something that we are really excited about, as it adds more utility to Peasants and also fits the medieval theme perfectly!

As we get closer to the release of Wage farms we will be providing more details. The image below gives a visual representation of the outline of the idea.

We hope you are all as excited as we are about this expansion to our ecosystem and we will keep you all updated on our progress as always!



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