Peasant launch day!

Knights and Peasants
6 min readMay 11, 2022

Peasants are coming to our Kingdom!

The Alchemist and Farmer will finally arrive in our Kingdom tonight. In this medium we will go over all the different Peasant features again, how they will be used after the mint and everything you need to know for the mint itself.

The Bagger has also arrived. You can have the Bagger bag up your Wage tokens, minting a tradeable Coin bag NFT. These can be bought and sold on our Marketplace with other people.

This will be our biggest update yet with loads of changes coming, so we have alot to talk about.

Let’s dive right into it!

Peasant mint

Today at 9 PM CEST, 2500 Peasants can be minted on our website. You can find the minting page by navigating to the More > Village tab when we go live.

You will see the Farmer and Peasant available. Keep in mind that it is random which Peasant profession you will mint. So when minting tonight, there is a 50% chance for either the Farmer or the Alchemist.

The minting price will be 100 $KNIGHT, which is roughly $20 at the time of writing this article. You will be able to mint 5 at a time, with a cooldown of 3 minutes.

If you are eligible for a free Peasant mint ( original WL and several giveaways we have done over the past weeks), you can use the ‘Claim Peasant’ button. Even if all 2500 Peasants get minted, you will still be able to do this.

The $KNIGHT that gets spent on this mint will be distributed as follows:
- 45% is sent to our Quest Fund
-45% is Burned
-10% is sent to stakers in the Bank

After the mint, you can view your Peasants and their attributes on the Peasants page. They will then also able to be listed on our Marketplace.

Peasant staking

A Peasant’s main utility at the time of release is staking in a wage farm. Each wage farm allows ONE Peasant of the same theme to be staked within the farm. Staking a Peasant will further increase the daily yield of the wage farm by a set amount and give the Peasant experience relative to the time staked. There is no minimum amount of LP needed for a Peasant to provide this bonus.

A minimum requirement of 300 LP is necessary for a peasant to earn experience while staked.

By staking a Peasant in the relevant wage farm, they will provide a bonus to wage farm emissions. You can stake a Peasant by clicking on the open slot that is next to the Wage farm. You may then select the Peasant you want to stake. When your Peasant is staked, it will apear in the Wage farm as well.

Peasant attributes

We wanted to further the diversity of our Peasants and utilize on-chain attributes to expand on wage farm earning rate and allow for a big range of different possibilities in the future.

There will be several attributes to set one Peasant apart from another:

  • Profession
  • Professional Level
  • Rarity
  • Labour
  • Talent


The bread and butter of a peasant is its profession. Peasants have a random chance of becoming one of multiple professions, which will ultimately decide its use case and utility within the world. Professions have a rarity chance and are decided at the time of mint. Once minted, a peasant cannot change their profession. At launch, there will be 2 professions with an equal rarity: Farmers and Alchemists.

Professional Level

As Peasants are staked in a wage farm, they will earn experience based on the time staked. By becoming more experienced in their craft, they can gain new job titles. These titles are as follows:

  • Novice (starting level)
  • Amateur
  • Advanced
  • Competent
  • Expert
  • Grand Master

Once certain experience brackets have been hit, a peasant is eligible for a promotion within their profession and are granted a new working title. The experience brackets to be eligible for promotion & costs are as follows:


  • Experience required 43200 (1 day of waging)
  • Promotion Cost: 5 $Knight & 15 $xWage


  • Experience Required: 86400 (2 days of waging)
  • Promotion Cost: 5 $Knight & 30 $xWage


  • Experience Required: 129600 (3 days of waging)
  • Promotion Cost: 7.5 $Knight & 50 $xWage


  • Experience Required: 259200 (6 days of waging)
  • Promotion Cost: 7.5 $Knight & 75 $xWage

Grand Master

  • Experience Required: 432000 (10 days of waging)
  • Promotion Cost: 10 $Knight & 125 $xWage

Each advancement in title will grant the peasant an additional bonus of 5% wage / day while staked in the wage farm and also an increased chance to craft a higher quality item. For example, a ‘Novice’ peasant would earn 5% bonus wages while an ‘Expert’ would earn 15% more for a total of 20%.

For now, wage farms are the only source of experience for peasants.

Of these proceeds: 45% is sent to the quest fund, 45% is burned and 10% is sent to our Bank stakers.


Similar to the profession of a peasant, a rarity is decided at the time of mint and is indicated by the border surrounding them. Rarities trigger the collector in all of us and also give us a nice addition within our ecosystem. The rarity of a Peasant will provide additional bonuses in the future such as an increased quest success chance and an increased chance of crafting a higher quality item.

These are the rarities:

  • Common — Wooden border
  • Uncommon — Iron border
  • Rare — Bronze border
  • Epic — Golden border
  • Legendary — Platinum border

Naturally, when minting, the rare peasants will have a lower chance of appearing but once found, will be worth holding, utilizing or even trading!


The ‘Labour’ attribute is yet another way of giving more uniqueness to a peasant, in this case, increasing the amount of wage tokens a peasant earns while staked. Labour is also an attribute that will be utilized in the future.

This attribute is decided upon mint and will vary between 1–4.

1 = Emissions *1
2 = Emissions *1.1
3 = Emissions *1.2
4 = Emissions *1.3


The ‘Talent’ attribute will influence the rate at which a peasant earns experience and the effectiveness of his craft. This could include crafting speed, cost of materials used and outcome of the craft.

This attribute is decided upon mint and will vary between 1–4.

1 = Experience earned*1
2 = Experience earned *1.1
3 = Experience earned *1.2
4 = Experience earned*1.3

The Bagger arrives!

You can now bundle your Wage tokens into a tradeable NFT. The Bagger will offer his services so that the citizens of our Kingdom can trade Wage tokens freely on our Marketplace.


With all of the required front end changes, smart contracts for Peasant minting, staking, leveling up Peasants, wage tokens, marketplace changes etc, this is our biggest update yet!

With Peasants now in place and wage tokens freely tradeable, our ecosystem is starting to really come to life!

With this foundation in place, we can now look forward to our questing system. We will be writing up a medium article on what we have in store for you all because it is something truly unique in Web3.

Stay tuned, stay safe and enjoy the latest updates!