Peasant tasks & Peasant reroll!

Knights and Peasants
3 min readJun 17, 2022


Hey everyone!

To further increase Peasant utility and give more options to choose from, we are adding 2 features today: Daily Peasant tasks & Peasant rerolling!

In this article we will go over what they are and how they work!

Peasant Tasks

Peasants that are sitting idle in your Kingdom can now perform a simple task once per day. The rewards for this are a small amount of wage tokens. The amount of wage tokens a Peasant gets for his task are random, but influenced by Peasant profession title and Peasant rarity.

This means that a Platinum Expert Peasant has a much higher chance for more tokens than a Wooden Novice Peasant, for example.

There is a base reward for the daily task which is between 0 and 1,5. This is then multiplied by Peasant profession title and rarity:

Peasant profession title
Novice: +0%
Amateur: +100%
Advanced: +200%
Competent: +300%
Expert: +400%
Grand master: +600%

Wood: +0%
Iron: +100%,
Bronze: +200%,
Gold: +350%,
Platinum: +600%

To start a task, go to the ‘Peasant tab’. Select as many Peasants as you want and click ‘Start task’.

When that’s done, you will see the fruits of your labour on this screen!

The Peasants will now have a cooldown of 24 hours before they can do their next task.

This update brings about more utility to idle Peasants as well as bring about a boost to wage tokens, which will be much needed when the Item vendors / quest system are released.

Peasant reroll

Not satisfied with the work ethic of your Peasants? You can now choose to cast them out from your Kingdom by using the ‘Reroll button’ and by doing so, making place for a new Peasant!

This is a good option for players who are looking for rare Peasants and not happy with some of their current Peasants. As a small added bonus, the new Peasant might carry a few Wage tokens that are yours to take.

Rerolling means that you will BURN 2 selected Peasant NFT’s and automatically mint one new Peasant. There is a small fee to do this: 10 $KNIGHT tokens.

Keep in mind that if you do this, you permanently destroy the selected Peasants so the action is irreversible.

The rerolling feature follows the same minting logic as the current week’s weekly mint. So if the current weekly mint has a higher % chance for Blacksmiths, the reroll function will as well.

That’s another week and another release!

We are making great progress on both the item vendors and the questing system. With today’s update, there is a good range of options to acquire wage tokens. They will be much needed as we head towards the release of item vendors, where you will be able to spend them on items that are going to greatly assist your brave Knights and Peasants as they go onto Quests!

Thank you Knights for your continued support. We know a bear market isn’t fun, but that is not stopping us from chasing our roadmap goals and delivering a fun experience. We are really getting close to the fun stuff now!

Have a great weekend Knights!