Token launch Saturday 2nd of April

Knights Sold Out!

All 5000 Knight NFTs are SOLD OUT! In a mere 3.5 days, all Knights have been minted. It’s been crazy fun seeing the Golden Swords, Dragon Blades, Molten and Ice Blades being minted and seeing people fall in love with them!

The community has been fantastic and we can’t thank everyone enough for their support.

We are now moving on to the next important steps of our project, which I will outline below.

Upcoming Token release: Saturday 2nd April

One of our most exciting milestones as a starting project: we are launching our own native token this Saturday 2 PM EDT. $KNIGHT will be the primary token of the Knights & Peasants ecosystem and released via a stealth launch.

We are providing $50,000 worth of ONE tokens paired with an 1.6m $KNIGHT tokens as initial liquidity into DefiKingdoms.

We believe a stealth launch with this count and provided liquidity will give everyone a chance to get into the token and begin enjoying our ecosystem from its early days.

As relatively long standing members of the Harmony community, the team are aware that pump and dumps are rife with new tokens. Bots and humans are able to get their hands on high amounts of tokens within the first couple of blocks and turn a very quick profit as the price pumps. We are taking anti-bot measures to counter this as best as we can.

When we make the announcement at the time of our token launch, READ the instructions carefully!

Token emissions for Knight NFT holders

As we release our $KNIGHT token, emissions will start at the exact same time, and your Knight NFT’s will start earning our tokens as per the tokenomics listed here:

By upgrading the ‘Training Camp’, you will increase your daily $KNIGHT income, as well as unlock access to the other upgrades. These emissions are at the core of our token distribution model and rewards the Knight NFT holders. These upgrades may also serve a purpose in the future of our Knights & Peasants ecosystem by influencing success rate on quests.


To further increase utility of our $KNIGHT token right off the bat and in an effort to stabilize price, we are releasing a single stake option on our platform. This will help give our holders and investors a reason to hold their newly acquired tokens. The bank will allow $KNIGHT holders to deposit their tokens and receive $xKNIGHT.

We are slightly altering our initial tokenomics plan to accommodate this exciting feature. To make sure the Bank is rewarding to stakers, every $KNIGHT token that gets spent in our ecosystem will partially flow towards the bank. Here is the exact breakdown of where spent tokens will go:

40% Quest reward pool

20% Development fund

10% Marketing fund

10% Bank

10% Team

10% Burned

Having a feature such as a bank also gives us a perfect playground to generate snapshots for future events and features!

Thank you everyone for your continued support, it means the world to us. We hope that you are all as thrilled as we are about these upcoming releases and we can’t wait to keep building and moving the project forward!



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