Wage Farms Release!

Wage tokens

Wage tokens will have an important role in our ecosystem. When our questing system goes live, wage tokens can be used to buy items at in-game vendors that might aid a Knight on quests, like potions, food and much more.

How to enter the Wage farm

You can find the Wage farm at the same place as the main farm:

  • The LP staked by the wallet in the main yield farm
  • A user controlled allocation for that Wage farm
  • Staked Peasant NFT ( Peasants are slated for release next week)

Wage bundling

Players have the option to sell their hard earned wage tokens on our marketplace. Wage tokens can be bundled into stacks of different size.

Peasant Staking

You may notice the Peasant slot next to the Wage farm. This is a feature that will open up when we release Peasants.

Peasants are not implemented yet at the time of writing this article


We are very happy with yet another important piece of our ecosystem now live.



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