Wage Farms Release!

Knights and Peasants
4 min readMay 4, 2022


Our Wage Farms are now live!

In this article we will give you a short summary of what they are and how you can get involved. You can check out our whitepaper for a detailed look at the wage farms.

The wage farm is where gamification meets decentralized finance. Built as an extension of our yield farm, they will bridge the gap between yield farming and our ingame economy.

They present a collection of farms available to any user that has LP tokens staked in the primary yield farm. However, instead of emitting our $KNIGHT token, the wage farms will reward our farmers with Wage tokens. Wage tokens will be used to purchase ingame items at vendors t hat will serve a

The two Wage farms that will go live tonight are: Farmer and Alchemist. Each farm will emit 300 xWage per day.

Wage tokens

Wage tokens will have an important role in our ecosystem. When our questing system goes live, wage tokens can be used to buy items at in-game vendors that might aid a Knight on quests, like potions, food and much more.

They will also have a more immediate use-case when we launch Peasants in the near future. Wage tokens will be used to upgrade a Peasant when they reach a certain experience treshold.

As our ecosystem expands, so will the utility for wage tokens.

How to enter the Wage farm

You can find the Wage farm at the same place as the main farm:

To unlock the wage farms, you must first stake LP in our main yield farm. This can be done by adding liquidity to our pool at DFK: https://game.defikingdoms.com/#/add/ONE/0xc5843b3Dd9b912fd5958e5b1d1f27189eF7189Da

After that is done, you can deposit the LP token by clicking on Deposit.

When you are staking in the farm, you will notice that you can now allocate a percentage to either of the two yieldfarms: Farmer and Alchemist. You can choose any allocation you want between the two farms and it can not exceed 100%.

Once you are comfortable with the allocations and confirm them, you will immediately start earning wage tokens based on the following variables:

  • The LP staked by the wallet in the main yield farm
  • A user controlled allocation for that Wage farm
  • Staked Peasant NFT ( Peasants are slated for release next week)

You may change your Wage farm allocations freely. Doing so claims all Wage tokens on all Wage farms.

More info and examples can be found here: https://docs.knightsandpeasants.one/rensmira/jobs-wage-farms

Wage bundling

Players have the option to sell their hard earned wage tokens on our marketplace. Wage tokens can be bundled into stacks of different size.

Upon ‘Bundling’ the tokens the player will receive a Bag, which is an HRC-721 token, that will contain information about the wage token type and the number of tokens inside.
The newly acquired ‘Bag’ can be freely sold on the market to other players and unwrapped at any time, receiving the wage tokens inside.

Wage bundling is set to become available within a week after the Wage Farm lauch!

Peasant Staking

You may notice the Peasant slot next to the Wage farm. This is a feature that will open up when we release Peasants.

Peasants are not implemented yet at the time of writing this article

Each wage farm allows a Peasant of the same theme to be staked within the farm. Staking a Peasant will further increase the daily yield of the wage farm by a set amount and give the Peasant experience relative to the time staked.

The longer a Peasant works in its relevant wage farm, the better they get at their craft!

- A minimum requirement of 300 LP is necessary for a peasant to earn experience while staked.
- There is no minimum requirement of LP necessary for a peasant to earn wage tokens.

You can find more info about Peasants on this page: https://docs.knightsandpeasants.one/core-information/peasants


We are very happy with yet another important piece of our ecosystem now live.

Putting Peasants to work in the farm and earning an income will be a fun and very rewarding way of partaking in the ingame economy and we will be constantly driving utility to Wage tokens and farms in ways that make sense for Knight & Peasants.

Onwards 💙!